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Online psykolog - Psykolog Andreas M. Jensen

Worldwide Psychologist

Therapy is the difference between well-being and stress in life

I offer both therapeutic and coaching-oriented sessions over the phone and video.

“He has an extremely rare ability to sense and see the individual person and speaks to one’s heart. He is honest, direct, and forget about romanticizing your trauma, as he truly manages to slap reality right in your face!”

– Tina

“After 3 sessions, I haven’t experienced anxiety anymore. My body still tries, but now it is easy for me to say no to the anxiety because, as Andreas has taught me, there is no alternative.”

– Susan

“Andreas was quick to build trust and connection. He shares feelings, personal experiences, and is, overall, an incredibly empathetic person.”

– Marie

Online Psychologist
Andreas M. Jensen

Together, we will figure out what you want to work on and how we can best achieve this. I always focus on what is important to you. Everything takes place online, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.