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Erhvervscoaching - Psykolog Andreas M. Jensen

Business Coaching

Promotes professional growth and enhanced leadership

Business Coaching

Coaching is used as a tool to help you create change or development in a specific area.

With business coaching, we work together on both micro and macro levels.

As a coach, I use a combination of my knowledge and experience as a psychologist, NLP, and additional certification in mindfulness.

Together, we explore the specific challenge you are facing, examine solution and development points, uncover goals and values, and focus on implementing these in accordance with the company’s vision.

I always offer a free first conversation of 30 minutes, which will primarily be used to understand the situation, specific needs, and expectations, and to discuss a possible further course of action.

Mandlig psykolog, der gør klar til individuel terapi online

If you are…


Online, minimun 60 min.

As a coach, I support you in maintaining or creating a healthy organization in balance, keeping in mind both the individual employee’s life and job satisfaction as well as the organization’s productivity, vision, and future goals.

With a focus on your needs as an organization, it is possible to work one-on-one or through training and lectures.


Online, 60 min.

For those who wish to focus on personal development, based on a specific challenge or area of your personal or professional life.

Start Up

Online, 60 / 90 min.

For you or your team who are in the early stages of starting a business and seek guidance in developing a vision and concrete tools for implementation.

Based on your needs, a foundation for a sustainable work life for all employees is created, giving you the best starting point for a successful long-term plan.

“One of the things I use daily is ‘better questions give better answers’.

Andreas has given me the tools to move towards the life I want to live, and even though there is still a way to go, I know which direction I need to take. For me, it has meant a lifestyle change. A new mindset.

I greatly appreciate what I have learned from Andreas, and I look forward to having him as my co-driver towards a better and more fulfilling life.”

– Former Client

“I was in the midst of the worst scenario of my life, and through visualization, my pain disappeared like dew in the sun. Andreas’ mentalization exercises profoundly affect one’s mind and body.

Moreover, he is adept at asking the right questions, creating a space for reflection that forms a solid foundation for change. Not just a change for the here and now, but a change for a lifetime.”

– Former Client

Online Psychologist
Andreas M. Jensen

Together, we will figure out what you want to work on and how we can best achieve this. I always focus on what is important to you. Everything takes place online, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.