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Individuel terapi med Psykolog Andreas M. Jensen

Individual therapy

Personally tailored support and guidance for your mental well-being

Individual therapy

Online, 60 min.

In individual therapy, I draw on my experience as a psychologist as well as additional certification in mindfulness.

I always offer a free initial conversation of 30 minutes, which will primarily be used to understand your situation, needs, and expectations, and to discuss a possible further course of action.

It will be beneficial to have shorter intervals between sessions in the beginning, and gradually, the time between sessions can be extended.

Mandlig psykolog, der gør klar til individuel terapi online


Since all therapy takes place online, I offer various solutions, with or without video.

For therapy over the phone, this is done through a GDPR-secure app, and information will be sent after the appointment is scheduled.

If you prefer video consultations, they will take place via my ‘virtual office’ on Whereby.com. It requires no downloads; you simply follow the link.

During the session, I always sit in a private environment where no one can listen in.

“I always hoped that someone would come along who could help me and tell me what to do so that everything would be okay.

But through Andreas, I have realized that I am the master of my own life, and therefore, I have to create the life I want; no one else can do that for me. It required me to change my mindset and see my life from a new perspective, and Andreas has helped me see that. Things that seem difficult and overwhelming, Andreas makes seem exciting, simple, and manageable.”

– Former client.

“Andreas is present and knows exactly what is needed to help me.

After 2 years of more or less constant anxiety, and after trying about 15 hours of therapy with a psychologist without effect, after trying anxiety medication for 4 months, breathing exercises, yoga, a complete overhaul of my life, mindfulness, and meditation, I wondered how I could get control of this. After 3 sessions, I haven’t experienced anxiety anymore. I am the one who controls my life.”

– Former client

“Andreas is not like the other psychologists who have been in my life.

Andreas sees me for who I am. Andreas is brilliant. It is that simple. He sees me for me and no one else.

And once he sees you, he doesn’t let you go until you are ready to move forward in life.”

– Former client

Online Psychologist
Andreas M. Jensen

Together, we will figure out what you want to work on and how we can best achieve this. I always focus on what is important to you. Everything takes place online, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.