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Om Psykolog Andreas M. Jensen

Psychologist Andreas M. Jensen

About me

My name is Andreas, and I come from Herning, where I also grew up.

Since 2016, I have exclusively worked with online therapy, and since 2019, I have been a full-time traveler with my family.

With a background in psychology from Aarhus University and as a coach, I offer individual sessions, couples therapy, coaching, and training.

It is important to me that you know you are welcome here, regardless of your background or identity.

I always focus on what is important to you in your life, and together, we will clarify what we should work towards and how we can best achieve it.

I will meet you with presence in what is difficult, but also challenge you regarding the changes you wish to create. I work based on what is essential for you, and together we will find out how we can create your life in the best accordance and balance with that.

Andreas M. Jensen

My Therapeutic Approach & Online Therapy

My therapeutic approach is a blend of cognitive therapy, mindfulness, mentalization, and emotion-focused therapy.

As a psychologist, my starting point is always that through collaboration and curiosity, we find the changes and solutions that are right for you.

Regardless of our background, we have all unconsciously carried things with us from our upbringing and journey through life, both big and small. Sometimes we need reflection, presence, and courage before we dare to take a loving look at the strategies that sometimes unconsciously govern our lives and relationships.

All the methods I use aim to uncover the underlying reasons why our lives unfold the way they do, why the strategies we use may no longer work, and which tools can help you be more authentically present in the life you desire for yourself.

My experience with online therapy since 2016 is that it works at least as well, and sometimes better, than conventional therapy in a physical practice.

Here, you avoid taking time out of your schedule for commuting, potential childcare, or other things that usually need to be managed in everyday life, and you can sit peacefully in your own home or on the go, on your own terms.

Here, you will always find a space for who you are and what you bring.


I have worked in various fields as a psychologist, including in psychiatry at the Affective Clinic and the department for personality disorders in both Holstebro and Skive/Viborg.

Since 2016, I have been self-employed under the name Worldwide Psychologist and have exclusively worked with online therapy.


As a coach, I have worked with both personal development and with startups and well-established companies.

I have experience in developing business visions, as well as working to create a better work/life balance and sustainable job satisfaction at all levels of companies.

Additionally, I have experience helping families create free family lives independent of 9-5 jobs and national borders.


I have extensive experience as an instructor and lecturer since 2010.

I have taught in associations, companies, and at professional events at universities, institutions, and schools, primarily about mental health in all its facets.

In addition, I have experience with lectures and conducting courses for large companies.


“Andreas is truly unique. He was my heart starter when I needed him the most, and he leaves an everlasting memory for which I am deeply grateful! Not just as a psychologist, but as a person!”

– Former Client

“Andreas is not like the other psychologists who have been in my life. Andreas sees me for who I am.

Andreas is brilliant. It is that simple. He sees me for me and no one else.

And once he sees you, he doesn’t let you go until you are ready to move forward in life.”

 – Former Client

“Andreas turns out to be an incredibly motivating man. He is very calm, present, and exceptionally skilled!”

– Former Client

Online Psychologist
Andreas M. Jensen

Together, we will identify what you want to work on and how we can best achieve this. I always focus on what is important to you. Everything takes place online, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.