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Parterapi med Psykolog Andreas M. Jensen

Couples counselling

Strengthen your relationship through open communication and mutual understanding

Couples counselling

Online, 90 min.

No matter who you are, it is inevitable that you will encounter challenges in your relationship that you may need help with.

It is not for nothing that Gottman describes how we always unconsciously choose the partner who creates the greatest potential for our own development.

Perhaps your challenges are about how you are together, or not together, how you parent, handle conflicts, communicate, manage different needs, or prioritize each other.

No matter your needs, there is room for both of you and your differences here. It is just important that you are both motivated for treatment and willing to engage in it.

I always offer a free initial conversation of 30 minutes, which will primarily be used to understand your situation, needs, and expectations, and to discuss a possible further course of action.

It will be beneficial to have shorter intervals between sessions in the beginning, both to maintain motivation for treatment and to intensify the start of change, and gradually, the time between sessions can be extended.

Mandlig psykolog, der gør klar til individuel terapi online


Since all therapy takes place online, I offer various solutions, with or without video.

For therapy over the phone, this is done through a GDPR-secured app, and information will be sent after the appointment is scheduled.

If you prefer video consultations, they will take place via my ‘virtual office’ on Whereby.com. It requires no downloads; you simply follow the link.

During the session, I always sit in a private environment where no one can listen in.

“Since I talked to Andreas, I’ve only had good days, and my family can feel it too.

I can definitely recommend Andreas to others and really hope that those he helps benefit as much from him as I have. Without Andreas, I wouldn’t have come this far.

He is incredibly skilled!”

– Former Client.

“Andreas is incredibly present, attentive, and extremely curious about other people.

He is there for you, and you get the feeling that he is truly there for you. At the same time, I find him incredibly skilled at what he does.”

– Former Client

Online Psychologist
Andreas M. Jensen

Together, we will identify what you want to work on and how we can best achieve this. I always focus on what is important to you. Everything takes place online, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.